Servicing Parts

Servicing Parts

We stock all Servicing Parts for most makes of Motorcycle or Scooter.


Fuel line and clips in all sizes.

In-Line Fuel Filters.


NGK Spark Plugs.

NGK Spark Plug Resister Covers.

Champion Spark Plugs – we stock a few – we have to as the boss’s wife rides old British motorcycles.

Spark Plug Spanners.

HT Lead.

The Life Blood of the Engine – OIL;

We stock the complete range of Silkolene Oils to include;

Scooter Oil

2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Engine Oil

Light Gear Oil

Fork Oil – all weights

Pro Cool

A range of Chain Lubrications

All the Silkolene Sprays – Carb Cleaner / Brake Cleaner / Pro Prep

We also stock some Castrol Oil.

Genuine Oil Filters.

HiFlo Oil Filters.

Sump Washers.

Air Filters;

Genuine Air Filters.

HiFlo Air Filters.


We stock a range of Yuasa Batteries and Rob Hunter Batteries.


EBC Brake Pads.

EBC Brake Shoes.

Genuine Brake Discs.

EBC Brake Discs.

So if you are looking to undertake your own Servicing work you can purchase everything you require with us or we can service your motorcycle or scooter for you.